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"Liposomal G has improved my child's health and is so easy for their body to use!" Sarah R.

Liposomal G

Liposomal G is a type of Glutathione that is made with special technology called liposomes. Liposomes make it easier for the Glutathione to enter the cells and be used by the body, so it works better and is more effective.

*This product is a Strawberry-Watermelon flavor and is best kept in the fridge.

Product Information

Liposomal Glutathione is a cutting-edge supplement that utilizes liposomal technology to enhance the delivery and absorption of the powerful antioxidant glutathione. Liposomes, tiny spheres made of phospholipids, bond easily with cell membranes to facilitate the intracellular delivery of their nutrient cargo, leading to superior absorption and bioavailability. This means that when your child takes Liposomal Glutathione, you can be sure that their body is getting the most out of this essential antioxidant, which can help to support overall health and well-being.

The benefits of Liposomal Glutathione include:

  • Improved absorption and bioavailability of Glutathione, which means that more of the supplement reaches the cells where it is needed.
  • Support for the liver's natural detoxification function, which can help to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.
  • Support for healthy immune function.
  • Protection against oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals.
  • Support for energy production and proper functioning of the mitochondria, which are responsible for generating the majority of cellular energy.
  • Protection against age-related decline in the body's ability to make Glutathione.