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D Calm

D Calm is a special type of vitamin D supplement. It comes in a form where tiny vitamin D3 droplets are mixed with water, making it easy to dissolve. This vitamin D3 is the kind our bodies can absorb really well (it's called cholecalciferol). What's cool about this product is that the way it's made, using a process called micellization, makes the vitamin D3 dissolve and get absorbed much better than other forms that use oil or emulsifiers.

Product Information

D Calm is a water-soluble micellized (droplet) form of vitamin D that provides highly absorbable vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol). The micellization process significantly increases the solubility, absorption, and bioavailability of vitamin D3 when compared to oil or emulsified forms.

• Density and strength of bones and teeth Immune system function

• Heart and artery health and function

• Health and maintenance of skin, hair, and nails

• Eyesight, including color vision and night vision

• Thyroid gland function

• Antioxidant activity against free radicals

Take one drop twice daily with 1-2 oz water or juice as
a dietary supplement, or as directed by your healthcare